Why do people struggle buying me presents? 

Every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas, Wil (my husband) and I have the same conversation about what gifts I want. Then I repeat that conversation to family and friends. 

Every time this is my list:

1. Fabric

2. Cotton Thread 

3. Embroidery Floss 

4. Cash

5. Amazon vouchers

If I woke up and these were the only thing in my present pile then I would a super happy crafter. I do have an Amazon wish list as well for people that want specifics but I prefer random. 

Cotton and Embroidery Floss are big ones….I never had the right colour and I am slowly building up my stash. I can’t be the only one that dreams of going to her collection and having exactly the right colour. My herb and spice collection in the kitchen is now at the point so now if I run out I just add it to my next shop. 

This pile has a long way to go! 

My list isn’t that difficult but people think they aren’t great presents, I have enough already or that I am joking. 

Don’t get me wrong…I generally love ever present I am given. But I don’t like people telling me I am difficult to buy for 😀 

5.5 weeks left until Christmas Day. 

Who are you struggling to buy for? What are your top 5 gifts for this year? 


3 thoughts on “Why do people struggle buying me presents? 

  1. “Who are you struggling to buy for?” Nobody, because I haven’t even thought about it yet! Everyone has too much already, or the things they need/want are things they are best to choose. I could go on…

    As for me, I also have everything. I know people struggle to choose things for me, too. So I guess I’ll need to come up with a list. That’s hard, too.


  2. I your thread colours, lovely and bright 🙂
    I’m finally getting ready to do some unselfish sewing for christmas…but only for my husband haha I have no idea what I’m going to get anyone else because I think they want handmade things too but I have no time!!


  3. It’s funny the people who I find it most difficult to buy for are the mother-in-law & daughter-in-law this is because in my view they don’t do anything worthwhile, they just watch tv. We are just a world apart. The Mother-in-law knits, but only has enough for a single project, get this she take leftover yarn back to the shop in exchange. The other one, who knows.
    They don’t get me either, I have more craft stuff than I could probably use, more would be fantastic. They don’t even have books. My mum is great just buy anything crafty or storage boxes.


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