Black Friday!!!

Here in the UK, Black Friday is a new phenomenon. I work for an online retailer who took part in the annual sale 2 years ago but found that it attracted little attention. Then last year, the countries larger retailers took the bait to generate extra sales and suddenly this year every retailer is taking part. 

For me, I took notice as well last year. It wasn’t for the cheap gadgets or half price handbags. In early November my husband agreed to purchase my Christmas presents from, a US website that I frequently use for efficient and friendly international service. I ordered Lady Mary’s Downton Abbey Fabric to use in a quilt I designed. It arrived 10 days later just as a Black Friday sale of 25% was announced. I was left feeling a little frustrated and vowed that in 2015 I would wait til Black Friday. 

So as this week has progressed and more retailers have announced or began their sales, I have waited with abated breath to see what FatQuarterShop will do. Then to my surprise my favourite UK retailer announced their 20%. Now I had two Christmas wishlists to choose from!!! 

After a long day of adding/removing/deliberating etc these are my final choices…..

1. Sandscapes Charm Pack

I love this line of fabric due to the depth of colour and texture. I can’t wait to design a quilt for this line. 

2. Rhoda Ruth Charm Pack 

As soon as I saw this line I just had to have it. Due to being on a budget I had to settle for the charm pack but I might just have to order some more once the Christmas money tally has been completed. 


3. Lord & Lady Downton Fat Quarter Bundle. 

My aim is to complete the farmers wife quilt in Downton Abbey Fabric. I have Lady Mary, the Dowager and Lady Edith waiting for these to join them in a one hour basket. 

4. Aurifil Dove 50wt 

I love aurifil thread and this is one of my basic piecing colours so no sale basket is complete without it. 

5. Biscuit Blooms Batik 

This I bought for a round robin border. It fits with the theme of the first three borders so I am hoping I can come up with a suitable design with the brighter shade batiks already used in the quilt. 

6. Lady Sybil Fat Quarter Bundle 

Another lovely bundle to go on my farmers wife quilt. 

7. Atrium Charm Pack 

Joel Dewberry is one of my favourite designers. So I just needed to add the collection to my stash. His Botanique range is currently the range being used for my La Passacaglia quilt

8. Aloha Girl Charm Pack

I don’t know what it is about this range that appeals to me. However, I was upset to have missed getting a Fat Quarter Bundle when it was first released so this was one of the first items in my basket. 

9. Lorikeets Bali Snaps 

Another 5in charm pack to get put in my basket. This was one of FatQuarterShop’s 24 hour flash sales. Bargain and beautiful!

10. Prints Charming Charm Pack

The name and colour palette of this fabric range just calls out to me. I am excited to develop a pattern for this lovely stack. 

On top of all this I also bought 3metres of Kona Solids Snow and 3metres of Kona Solids White. I never seem to have enough to use for sashing and borders. 

So that is it folks…some needed fabric for pre-Christmas projects but this is mostly my Christmas present from the hubby. It will arrive in 2 weeks and be wrapped ready for Christmas Day. 

What caused you to join the Black Friday frenzy this year? 


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