2015 was a massive swap year for me. I got in well over my head. 2016 I decided to scale back and concentrate on some of my other major UFO’s. So I’m going to come clean and list all the things I am aiming to achieve this year!


1. Bubble Bee 2 Swap

organised on Flickr where we are making each other a selection of curved log cabin blocks to form a bubble quilt. Here is my progress with February’s contribution. 


2. Popular Patchwork Birthday Club. 

This involves sending all those participating a birthday card and 4 charm squares in the recipients chosen colours. Each year approximately 30 people take part and each of us get thoroughly spoilt. 

3. Harry Potter Cross Stitch Sampler Stitch A Long. 

This is on Instagram and I haven’t started yet due to wanting other projects to be finished. 

4. Supernatural craft Swap

Organised on Instagram (due this month) and it is a craft swap themed on Television show supernatural. I have bought the book “Quilt Talk” especially for this project and I can’t wait to finish it to post to its recipient. 
Unfinished Projects

1. Downton Abbey Quilt

This is one I designed myself called “contrary Mary”. It uses the Lady Mary fabric range and I am hoping to enter it into a competition this year! 

2. Hunters Star

I designed a Hunter’s Star quilt for my Canadian Cousin. She purchased the fabrics and had them sent to me. I need to finish it before she changes her colour scheme :-s 

3. Brother’s Wedding Quilt

He’s been married for three years this year so he has to get this before then. 

4. Friend’s Wedding Quilt

Again they are almost 2 years of marriage and all I need to do is piece the back and quilt it! 


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