Good Afternoon Everyone,

A long, long time of being MIA.

Knowing I have a very long list of unfinished projects to complete in the next couple of months, my good friend QuirkyHannah challenged me to take part in a FInish-a-Long hosted by Mrs Sew and Sew.

SO what do I hope to complete in the next 3 months….

  1. Several bubble blocks for the Bubble Bee I am in on FLickr. The pictures are the two blocks I have received so far and the fabric selections I am going to use for the 4 I need to make in the next quarter. I also want to use these bright scraps for some extra blocks for myself.

2. A miss-to-mrs bunting for my Cousin’s hen do. That happens to be next weekend so this is something that is certainly going to be finished in the next 24 hours.


3. Mr-Mrs Wedding Bunting, again for my Cousin.


4. #Venn’sHens Bunting for my cousins Hen weekend


5. A Cowprint waistcoat for my Woody costume.


6. An entry into one of this years quilting competition. I am hoping for Festival of Quilts.


7. My entry for the Popular Patchwork Sketchbook competition. The theme is my favourite colour and I realised I clearly love yellow fabric so I have chosen that as my focus. The quilt it’s self is going to be completed using EPP.


8. This is for a friend’s wedding present. They have almost been married for 2 years so it is a bit late. The top is done and the backing is cut. I just need to piece the back and quilt it.


9. And lastly I need to make this rathr cute baby quilt for a friends little girl.


And that is me done. You still have a chance to join in too!


Finish A Long 2016


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