New Templates Available! 

So last weekend I concentrated on producing some new templates for the shop. 

New shapes include: 

Trapeziums (Half Regular Hexagons) 

30/60 degree Right Angle Triangles (Half Equilateral Triangles)

36 Degree Diamonds (as used with Pentagons and La Passacaglia)

36 Degree Isosceles Triangles (Half 36 Degree Diamonds and used in La Passacaglia) 


45 Degree Right Angle Triangle (Half Square Triangles and good with the Octagons) 

Regular Octagons


Clam Shells

In line with these new shapes, that will be available in packs of 12 sizes ranging from 1/4inch to 3in, I will be creating the following packs. 

1in 60 degree Pack….this will include Hexagons, Equilateral triangles, 60 Degree Diamonds, 30/60 Right Angle Triangles and Trapeziums. 

3cm 72degree Pack…this will include Pentagons, 36 Degree Diamonds, 72 Degree Diamonds, and 36 Degree Isosceles Triangles. This pack can be used with Wilheim Hammerstein’s Milefiori Quilts Patterns. Check them out! 

1in 45 Degree Pack….this will include Octagons, Squares, 45 Degree Right Angle Triangles, and 45 Degree Diamonds. 

Keep an eye out in store as these will all become available in the next couple of days. 


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