Inspiration Friday (#1)

So in my effort to post more regularly I have decided to run an Inspiration Friday series. This series of blog posts will give you an insight into the things that have given me inspirations urging the week. 

This week I was fortunate enough to attend a street art tour with my day job. Not only did we get description etc of the artists but also a little bit of history of the street art in Shoreditch. 

This picture is of an alcove that various artists have frequented over time. I love that this little alcove has a lot of history, culture, political statement, and colour. It’s funny how it looks like a mess but when you here the story behind the mess you can appreciate it. Over the years this alcove has been claimed by different artists during cigarette/fresh air breaks from a nearby pub/art studios. The building has not given permission for this but they have also tolerated it. On the other side of the alley way the wall was untouched..this was because the owners took time to clean the walls and artists don’t want to waste time on a piece that won’t be seen. 

The level of detail in these eyes was just amazing and the tag behind them just adds to the whole piece. 

Now this piece was actually had permission to be there. The artist that did this has several pieces in Shoreditch and London-wide but only two have had permission to be where they are. I love the “simple” designs on this and the primary colour use. More important though are the little messages she leaves with the art. 

One of the highlights of the tour was seeing some genuine Banksy art.

This piece was my absolute favourite. The detail and complexity of it can not be fully appreciated in this photo. I promise though that this is worth a trip to London to see. 

I am hoping to use the pictures I took to start a street art quilt project so watch this space. 

Here are a few more photos. 


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