Autumn is Here!!! 

Yesterday I spent time designing some new quilts. Specifically quilts that could use Jelly Rolls. I came up with a few but some would require certain colours etc to make them work. I really wanted to use my Lewis and Irene Autumn Fields Mini Jelly Roll (20 strips). 

Knowing what fabric I was using for the feature blocks left me with the decision of the background colour. 

First I consulted my hubby. We were both undecided. Next up was my favourite quilting group on Facebook “UK Quilter’s United” and Instagram. 

Grey was the most popular choice so I set in to cutting and piecing. My cat wanted to have a claim to fame so she insisted on being in some of my progress pictures. 

All in all, 6.5 hours later I have gone from a pile of fabric to a full quilt top! A Quilt in a Day!!! (Usually I completely underestimate how long something is going to take me). 

So this is me going to relax in front of the TV for an evening. Have a good week everyone and don’t forget to stop by next week to catch up on my 100 Day Goal Progress. 


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