Now last week I told you all about the 100 Day Goal, how to join and some of the actions I have taken. 

Today I’m feeling a little bit of excitement because I’m almost at 100 likes on my Facebook shop. 

One of my micro-actions was to contact past customers and ask them for reviews. I’m extremely pleased that some of them have agreed. Nothing like some positive feedback to give you motivation to continue.

At 100 followers I am going to run a giveaway. It will be my first social media giveaway. More will come on that when I reach the golden number! 

Other actions I have taken this week are to prepare my inventory for my craft fair in October, researched other homemade businesses and the items they offer and generally networking with other crafters. 

Doing a series of small things can really show an impact on the bigger picture if you keep going! 

Here is a photo of a baby quilt I made several years ago. Given the love this one has received from both the (not so much now) baby and her beloved dog, I know this one will last her a few more years yet. Clearly I’m doing something right. 

Actions for the coming week:

1.Set up a mailing list 

2. Continue to build inventory for craft fairs

3. Baste and quilt three baby quilts

Wish me luck! 


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