Inspiration Friday (#3)

When choosing the destination for our family holiday there were several key things that we all required. 

1.All Inclusive

2.Places to shop




There are 5 of us..4 adult and 1 toddler, 3 generations and a wide variety of tastes.

We found the perfect hotel in Corfu…Mesonghi Beach Resort. This resort is awesome because it has its own shops as well as being in the centre of two tourist villages this a main road full of souvenir shops and local restaurants. (Number 2 tick)

It has its own private beach that holds boat tours to popular tourist sites and other water sport activities. What I didn’t realise was that the Mediterranean has very little tidal activity. The waters were shallow (though enough for adults to swim) and no big waves. Perfect for kids especially my toddler. (Number 5 tick). 

The all inclusive is great….set meal times for the restaurant (we’re at the end of the season apparently a couple more restaurants are normally available), at least 4 bars from which to get drinks throughout the day and a special snack bar/restaurant if your activities don’t go in line with the main restaurant times. (Number 1 tick). 

Corfu has a lot of places of interest and places to visit. Historically there are castle, forts, monasteries, caves etc. Sewing related…haberdashery is generally found at the back of underwear stores!!! Yes you read that correctly! Lots of places I visited make handmade embroidered table cloths, completed cross cross and tapestries ready to frame. (Number 3 tick) 

Now the reason for this post….the playground! So the hotel comes with a fabulous range of things for kids. Numerous pools, a games room, evening entertainment that encourages kids to take part, a kids club for ages 3 up (just too old for my 2.5yr old) and staff who are friendly and cheery. But also this amazing playground. The below pool is only 60cm deep. My son could stand up in it and still have his full shoulders above the water but it was deep enough that I could swim and pretend to chase him as a shark. 

What struck me this morning was the colours of the playground and how every child on it some how colour coordinated with it! 

The colours are teal, sky blue, yellow and red. The yellow and teal have faded in the sunlight but every child was wearing some form of yellow, red or pale blue or real. All I could see was a perfect baby quilt combination that I never considered before! 

Here is one of my possible designs using the churn dash block. 


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