My standard day job kind of collided its busiest work week with my first holiday in 5 years. 

Needless to say Faerydae Stitches got put on hold for two weeks whilst I got my job commitments out of the way and took the time to really relax on holiday. 

Upon my return to work today I did find this delicious bag say on my desk…a sample that is no longer needed. (Love my job!)

However, saying that I find sewing extremely relaxing and fun so a little crafty networking and hand sewing took place in Corfu. 

In 4 weeks I have my first craft fair at Kings Sutton Memorial Hall and many of my micro actions involve creating stock and planning things such as business cards. 

Whilst networking the lovely Kia of Kia Shannon Designs asked if I would make her two photo cushions in exchange for business cards and stickers….absolutely! Networking at its best! I Can’t wait to receive them. 

I have also made some clock faces. 

Just need to stabilise the backs and add in the mechanisms and these are ready to go!

It’s going to take some hard work over the next 10 weeks to reach my goal but I’m confident that I can pull it off. 


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