Inspiration Friday (#4)

Yes, yes I know…It is only October. Halloween comes before the dreaded “C” word. However, my focus this week has largely been on Christmas! 

In my last post I mentioned I have a full time job. My current role is new this year, I started in February. I am now based in Central London. Just off Regent Street and Oxford Street! There is no better place for Christmas. Selfridges has their Christmas store open, and London is beginning to put up their Christmas decorations. 

I have two Christmas craft fairs coming up so I am building up a small collection of decorations, gift tags, and suitable items for gifts. 

This “bauble” just needs some stuffing and a ribbon. 

I am also a member of various craft groups on Facebook. Everyone is gearing up for the Christmas period. Some stores have already filled their pre-Christmas order books! Below are some of the products I particularly love…go check them out! 

Quirky Conceptions Has these fabulous Christmas Sacks for £10! 

Crafty Creations by Liz Has these adorable “Believe” bells. 

Rachael’s Fairy Doors Are creating a fabulous set of Elf doors for the season. 

I’m in no way affiliated or sponsored by the above shops but these are a few of the things that really took my fancy whilst promoting my own products that would make perfect gifts. 

There is everything from baby clothes, Christmas candles, memory baubles, elf on the shelf accessories, pillows, quilts, bunting, frames, glittery glasses, handcrafted cards. Have a look at your own local craft groups and attend your local fairs. There are some truly talented people around and they are 100% worth whatever they are charging you. 


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