This week is about being inspired to finish projects. With Christmas coming up and orders coming in fast I need to find “my overachiever” alter ego.

She comes out once in a while but she’s draining.

Whilst thinking this silly cold needs to disappear and generating my list of things that need to be done, I came across the Finish-A-Long 2016 Q4 posts. I took part in Q1 but then I moved jobs etc. Q4 is time to pick it up again. Not to mention that it allows me to tick off more microactions from 100day goal.

1. Kindred Spirits Rabbit Quilt

The top is done, it needs finishing.

2. Autumn Fields quilt

Again the top is done, it needs quilting .

3. Canyon baby quilt

(There’s a theme…can you spot it!) Top done needs finishing.

4. Disappearing Hour Glass Quilt

You guessed it…too done needs quilting.

5. Bright circles Quilt. 

This one has a few blocks made and all the deunkards paths cut out. So this is likely to be a top finish rather than quilt finish.

6. Kindred Spirits Baby Quilt

This one just needs a couple of borders added and it’s top is done.

7. My brothers wedding Quilt.

I can’t photograph this one because he doesn’t know what it looks like. I have 90% finished the top. They got married 3 years ago so it’s a little late!

8. Wonky star Log Cabin Quilt. 

This was quilted last Christmas. I just need to bind it and it is ready to go. This one is a charity quilt that need to be ready for Christmas Eve.

9. Mums bed runner

Again most of this is cut out. It just got left on the way side whilst I did all the above.

10. My cousin’s Hunters star quilt. 

It’s designed. The fabric is all ready. I have the ruler now too. Just need to do it.

So Ten is a good number to overachieve. How many people do you know that actually manages to finish 10 quilts in a quarter…not many! Especially when they have a full time job, 7 custom pillow orders, 2 craft shows, a toddler and a husband to manage 😀


Wish me tonnes of inspiration and luck!


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