This project has been a great learning curve for me. 

-I have been studying craft fairs and how to make a success of them. 

-Promoting my business and discovering who my customers are. 

-discovering other businesses and planning how I ultilise others skills whilst helping them achieve their goals. 

I also had some exciting news from The Kings School in Witney. I will be a vendor at their Christmas fair at the end of November. Whilst organising their space they have placed my stall in front of some waist high barriers and goal post storage.

 Why is this exciting you ask? 

The purpose of this placement is to give me lots of hanging room for all my quilts. I’m going to have a fabulous back drop of my work which is 100 times better than the small clothes rack I was planning on using. It also means I can take much bigger pieces of work to showcase. 

Definitely planning on taking this one. 

Unfortunately I got let down by the person making my business cards and logos so I have found alternative solutions. They should arrive next week so be on the look out for pictures. Very simple but they get the information across.

Last but not least. I got to finish this beauty off this week. 

Perfect for season and the recipient is going to house it in her film room, ready for some fright nights. Definitely one of my favourite makes. 


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