Inspiration Friday (#6) 

Woooo! It is Friday again! And I am truly excited about this weekend because I had some fabulous items delivered yesterday. 

One of which is forming the basis of today’s inspiration! 

Grand Canal by Kate Spain 

Kate Spain is one of Moda’s designers and she is one of my all time favourites. When I saw this line available for preorder at Fat Quarter Shop I just had to buy it. 

This is a FQ bundle. Just look at all those colours! 

Here is the image from Moda used to advertise the range. 

I ordered this months ago and obviously in anticipation I started a board on Pinterest. (Go check out my board Grand Canal by Kate Spain for the original posts where I got all my images from). 

From these images of the Grand Canal in Venice, it is clear to see where Kate got the inspiration for her line. I hope it was a luxurious holiday that sparked that creation rather than images on Pinterest 😀 

This in turn inspired this kit. 

I love this quilt as it really showcases the fabrics but I’m generally not one for this kind of pictorial quilts. So I found a few more. 

Each of these projects are stunning and I can’t wait to add my own to mix. 

What are you doing with your new stash this weekend? 

P.s I am not at all affiliated with any of the above works or companies. I am genuinely writing this off my own back. 


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