On of my microactions was to attend a craft fair as a vendor. 

I booked myself into Kings Sutton Memorial Hall Craft Fayre and began preparation. 

Determining stock levels was difficult and I definitely will want more for the next one. 

In the end I took 10 pillows, 2 quilts. 20 origami bags, a selection of angel ornaments, gift tags and clocks. 

First thing that quickly became apparent was the need for more space for my pillows because some were hidden behind others. 

My clocks got a lot of attention but I am going to change them slightly to give them the extra bit they need to sell. 

The other thing I realised was that the audience wasn’t quite right. Lots of the older generation and very few young families. Funnily enough they were not looking for sparkly unicorn cushions. 

So all in all I sold a couple of my little angels and gave out some of my business cards for those interested in photo pillows.

 The best bit about the fair was the fact that I did it and got a lot of lovely feedback. I learnt some lesson and I’m truly excited about attending my next one in Witney. 


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